About Us


Established in April 2003


Registered capital 10 million yuan

20000 +

Annual output of more than 20000 tons

Hai'an Brother Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd.

The Company, founded in April 2003, mainly produces the Nylon 6 POY, Nylon 6DTY, Nylon 6 DTY Dope Dyed Colors, Nylon 6DTY Twisted, Nylon 6DTY With Intermingle, Nylon 6 Monofilament Yarm, Nylon 6 HOY ,Nylon 66FDY and many other products, which are widely used in the elasticity enhancing of chemical fiber, weaving, clothing and others. Now, we have 20 sets of advanced equipment, with the annual output for more than 20000t. We have powerful technical force and strict quality management, are committed to producing the high-quality products, win the consistent praise from the extensive customers, and have developed  into the well-known enterprise in the industry. On the basis of consolidating the traditional products, we develop the new product continuously, pursue the innovation, forge ahead with determination, take honesty as the base, and provide the service upmost. Welcome the domestic and overseas customers for cooperation and trade negotiation.

Hai'an Brother Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd