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Talent Concept

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Talent Concept

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-22 00:00:00
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Dedicated, honest and friendly
We believe that the talent is the source power of survival and development, and strategic wealth of winning in the future. To create an effective team is the only way of Suer to enhance the strength and competitiveness in the market, and also is fundamental to achieve the struggle objective of Brother-Strive to create the industry brand!
—We advocate integrating the personal goal in the overall value of the Company;
—we advocate the overall consciousness subordination of individual to the whole, and part to the whole;
—we advocate the spirit of never satisfying, constantly surpassing myself, and pioneering, struggling and progressing;
—we advocate the cooperative spirit of making concerted effort, uniting and cooperating, and having compromise consciousness; and
—we advocate the good communication and coordination consciousness.
On the road of enterprise development, each step of Brother, regardless of a great step and a small step, is the step of striving to create the industry brand.
Promote the employees' professional quality and professional morality level, carry forward the enterprise culture, meet the need of company development and employees' career development, develop the potential of each employee, and effectively promote the company development.
Talent is the most precious wealth. You may become our reused talent as long as you have real gift and skill, whatever you are an ordinary employee or a general technician, and whatever position you are. We give the bigger self-realization platform to the employee by virtue of the internal post-competition mechanism, thereby realizing the good competitive mechanism of preference of the Company, and helping those with outstanding performance to promote the post faster.


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